In Progress Projects

Franklin Middle School WPFD, Fire Alarm, & HVAC Upgrades

scope modernization The project includes construction of, Abate and replace specific existing windows with new painted storefront aluminum windows and re-glaze the remaining windows in buildings D, E, F & G, Abate and replace carpet and tile flooring, Paint all previously painted interior surfaces and exterior trim, ADA renovation of selected restrooms and ramps along..

Dume Elementary School Windows, Paint, Floors, Doors & HVAC Project

scope modernization Work includes construction of, Abatement of ACM flooring stucco penetrations and lead based paint, Repainting of interior walls, ceilings, and previously painted casework; Paint Exterior Trim; Accessibility Upgrades; Replacement of interior flooring (Carpet & VCT); Addition of carpet walk-off mats at exterior doors; Replace specific doors and frames; New Fire alarm and demolition of..

Barton Elementary School Educare

scope new construction GEN 7 Modulars and Nazerian Transforming Educare The new Educare facility will be located within approximately 2.6 acres of the existing Barton Elementary School campus. Educare is an early education program serving children from birth to five years old within the community. The project will consist of a new 32,000 square foot..

Muir High School Auditorium and Amphitheater

scope Design-Bid Build Modernizing the existing auditorium to the 21st century with brand new, state of the art equipment, new chairs and shades, lighting technology and many more!!!  The cafeteria and kitchen serving areas are being remodeled to better suit the staff and students. Last but not least, a new modern outdoor Mustang Amphitheater cafeteria..

Pasadena High School & Locker Renovation

scope Design-Bid Build Modernization of existing gym and locker room buildings “R”, “S” & “T” & related site work. New fire alarm systems at building “R”, “S”, “T”, & “U”. Addition of a 365 square foot entry lobby at building “S”.