Malibu Campus Sheriff Substation

OWNER: Santa Monica Community College District
BIDS DUE: 08/24/2018 @ 1:00 PM
ESTIMATOR: Vinny Nazerian
PROJECT VALUATION: $10,000,000.00
For plans, specs, and addendum, please contact us via email or phone.

Scope of Work


• Demolish, Remove and Haul off site every existing items to be above ground and underground including, but not limited to: 2 Story Sheriff Station Building (In which one story is a basement /underground), Labor Exchange Trailer 10’ X 40’ and all its associated utilities, Asphalt Pavement, Concrete Pavement, Curbs & Gutters, Concrete Side Walk, Fence & Gates, Trees, Water valves, Landscape area, Vaults, Walls & Foundation, one Fuel Tank, 10 Manholes (in which, 9 are buried underground), Catch basins, Area drains, Concrete Steps & Handrails, Post Indicator Valve (PIV), Bollard Posts, Gas Meter and all existing utilities pipes and conduits used for dry and wet utilities.
• The 2 story Sheriff Station Building is subject to Asbestos and Lead Abatement. Contractor to proceed per Phase II Report prepared by Ellis Environmental dated July 12, 2018.
• Backfill the Sheriff Station’s Basement to grade with dirt.
• Demolish, Remove and Hall off site an existing concrete made arcade.
• Cut and cap all underground utilities one (3) three feet inside the premises site limits.
• Install 548 Stone Piles 35 feet deep through all the site. Contractor to take in consideration the existing groundwater starting at 6 feet below grade. Special augering method is essential to accommodate the site subsurface conditions.
• Perform backfill and compaction in a systematic pattern, to assure complete and consistent work
• Provide graded site surface as required for SMC Center/Sheriff Station Project (Sheet C1.30A) backfilling in layers, and thoroughly compact trenches or pits beneath finish grade area.


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